Outdoor cooking spots around the lake -
reservation and prices

You can book our outdoor cooking spots online or in person. When booking online, you can finalize your booking by paying. If payment is not made, the reservation will be cancelled. You can make your personal reservation in Tüskevár. In this case, it must be paid on the spot, at the time of booking.

Prices: (whole day)

Cooking spot No. 1. (10 people): 20.000 HUF/day

Cooking spot No. 2. (10 people): 20.000 HUF/day

Cooking spot No. 3. (20 people): 25.000 HUF/day

(No. 2 & 3. are next to each other, toilets are conveniently nearby)

Cooking spot No. 4. (30 people): 30.000 HUF/day

Rental fee above the above the specified number of persons: +500 HUF/person.

Other: plastic cups, cutlery, plates, napkins and a portion of firewood are provided free of charge. Power supply is solved, and a cooler is also available. In cooking spot 3. and 4. there is also a possibility to get water and an oven. Please indicate the use of the oven in advance so that our colleague can heat them up for you in time! Oven rental fee: 5.000 HUF/day. (1 oven available!)

Firewood: 1.000 HUF/portion. (1 portion is free)

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Other information

The schedule of cooking spot rental is provided by the fishermen, they can be reached at the following phone number: +36/30-462-9146. We have the right to ban people under excessive alcohol influence who deliberately disturb others from the area of the fishing lake! Only one designated car is entitled to enter. The cooking spots can be used from 7:00 a.m. until closing, and at closing the tenant is obliged to leave the spot in the condition in which it was received.


We cannot cancel the booked and finalized appointment! You can change your existing appointment. To do this, ask our colleagues for help! Contact us by phone or e-mail for more information!

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