Fishing lake


Fishing lake regulations and prices

The area of the lake is 7 hectares, where anglers can enjoy the pleasures of fishing in 52 well-designed fishing spots. Around the lake you can rent 4 excellently equipped outdoor cooking spots. Here you can even try a good, traditional Hungarian cauldron cooking (we call it bogrács - “bogratsch”) or grill.


Currently, in order to preserve and develop the fish stock of the fishing lake, the sale of normal fishing tickets and standard fishing passes is suspended. Only sport fishing tickets and sports passes can be purchased until withdrawn. There is NO night fishing.

Sport fishing ticket 4.500 HUF/day/person.

Sport fishing pass 50.000 HUF/year/person.

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Fishing lake

See our fishing regulations here

1. Fishing is only allowed at designated fishing spots for holders of valid day tickets/passes and national fishing cards. At one fishing spot, one angler can fish with 2 fishing rods. Fishing is prohibited in areas between fishing spots or where signs prohibit it.

2. Fishing: 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.

3. The price of the daily sport fishing ticket is 4.500 HUF. The annual sport fishing pass is 50.000 HUF. Significantly injured fish cannot be released back to the lake. Upon departure, it is mandatory to stop at the fishermen’s house for checking the vehicle. Fish over 10 kg that may have been caught must not be released. The fish shall be stored in the water in carp bags or dipping or fish nets of appropriate size until the arrival of the fishermen and handed over to them.

4. Undersized fish caught shall be released immediately.

5. It is strictly FORBIDDEN to take fish! On the lake, fish weighing more than 10 kg are under protection.

6. Fish should only be fed from a feeding basket. 7. The order of fishing is ensured by our fishermen, who check the fishing tickets, the catch logbook and the contents of the bag. In addition, fishermen are responsible for ensuring pleasant fishing, so if they have any problems, they can turn to them with confidence.

8. Anglers arriving by car must park in the designated parking lot. The fishing lake area is only accessible on foot. We provide a hand cart to take your fishing gear to your desired fishing spot. After fishing has ended, the fishermen must show the packages for inspection and everyone is obliged to show the contents of their vehicle upon request. Everyone can stay in the area of the fishing lake at their own risk. We do not take responsibility for any accidents or damages that have occurred.

9. The angler is obliged to leave the fishing place in a clean condition. The generated garbage should be disposed of in garbage bins placed around the lake.

10. It is FORBIDDEN to move to another fishing spot while fishing!

11. Bathing in the whole area of the fishing lake is FORBIDDEN!

12. Spinning is FORBIDDEN!

13. The use of braided line as main line or throwing bibs is FORBIDDEN in case of bottom fishing or float fishing!

14. It is FORBIDDEN to bring pets into the area of the fishing lake!

15. Violation of the fishing regulations will result in immediate exclusion from fishing without refund.

16. The theft of fish without payment shall result in further actions and bans.

17. Order of fishing spot reservations: the fishing spot can be booked in advance, in person, by phone or e-mail. The fee of advance reservation is 500 HUF. If the angler does not arrive by the indicated time, we will give the reserved spot to another angler in case of interest.

18. Disinfectant spray and carp mattress are mandatory!

19. We have the right to ban people under excessive alcohol influence who deliberately disturb others from the area of the fishing lake!

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